The dream in evergreen Environment business of Union corp.
We pursue the evergreen world with various environment machineries
such as Pressing rotary outer cylinder-type screw press, Super-Unifilter and Fully-automated filter press.

TECHNICAL COOPERATIONTechnology cooperation with ISHIGAKI (Japan)

Through technology cooperation with ISHIGAKI Japan,
we could closely come to protect ourselves from sewage and
waste-water pollution by manufacturing sludge dehydrator, industrial filter.
[Main product line : Dehydrator (Filter-press, Screw-press), Filter (Super-Unifilter, Fiber Filter) and non-pollution reduction device]

DEWATERING EQUIPMENTApplication - Dehydrator

Dehydration facilities reduce water and weight of concentrated sludge and transform it to cake in order to treat and carry easily.
For mechanical dehydration methods, pressure filtration (filter press), vacuum filtration and centrifugation are the examples.

FIBER FILTERApplication - Fiber Filter

Rapid filtration method achieves stable treatment process and easy operation,
and is the basic process of advanced treatment for improvement of 2nd treatment water quality.
This method is to remove floating matters with inlet water passing through a level consisted by
filtering materials such as silica, anthracite, fiber, polyethylene.

NONPOINT POLLUTANTS TREATMENT FCILITYApplication - Non-point pollution reduction equipment

Non-pollution materials are the matters polluted by fertilizer, pesticide, land subsidence, stock runoff, traffic pollution, dust and waste of the urban area, residue of animals and plants and air pollutants on the ground with the surface runoff water generally by rain. Non-point pollution reduction equipment efficiently treats and discharges organicㆍinorganic matters, fine particles, germs and other pollutants included in the early rainwater and non-treated sewer overflows(CSOs) for improving the water quality in the discharging area.